Tealive x MAMEE Mi Goreng Boba
Tealive x MAMEE Mi Goreng Boba
Tealive x MAMEE Mi Goreng Boba
Tealive x MAMEE Mi Goreng Boba

Tealive x MAMEE Mi Goreng Boba

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After shocking fans with the first-ever (and rightfully weird) boba instant noodle, Tealive & MAMEE are teaming up again for another BOLD collab – the MI GORENG BOBA!

With just the right amount of sweet & savoury, this unique fried noodle topped with boba topping is made to please bubble tea & cup noodle lovers alike.

While there were mixed feelings about the first one, we promise this time it will be totally worth it!


  • Noodle ingredients - Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil [Palm Oil (Contains Permitted Antioxidant E321)], Tapioca Starch, Salt, Contains Stabiliser as Permitted Food Conditioner.
  • Seasoning powder - Salt, Sugar, Contains Permitted Flavouring Substance (Contains Soybean, Milk, Gluten), Black Tea Powder, Contains Monosodium Glutamate (E621) As Permitted Flavour Enhancer.
  • Seasoning Oil - Sweet Soy Sauce (Contains Gluten, Soybean) And Seasoning Oil (Palm Olein, Spices).
  • Chilli sauce
  • Condiments - Boba (Contains Gluten), Fried Onion.

How to eat

  • Open the cup lid partially 
  • Add boiling water up to the waterline marking (approx. 350ml)
  • Close the lid and simmer for 3 mins
  • Drain out water. Add in all seasoning sachets and stir well.
  • Add in boba and it is ready to serve!


CONTAIN: Gluten, Milk, Soybean.

MAY CONTAIN TRACES: Crustacea, Fish, Sesame, Peanuts, Celery, Mustard.


Net weight

101g / cup


Expiry date

14 Dec 2021