Q: What is inside a set of 'My Bubble Tea Kit'?


  • 1kg Pearls
  • 500g Brown Sugar
  • 75g Imported Nishio Matcha OR 250g Cocoa Powder OR 50g Dimbula Ceylon Tea
  • 75g Imported Hojicha OR 250g Cocoa Powder OR 50g Dimbula Ceylon Tea
  • 3 packets of Milklab UHT Dairy Milk (1L)
  • 20pcs Paper Straws
  • Drink Recipes


Q: Why are some ingredients not included in the kit, such as coffee?

A: Coffee is normally an ingredient present in most households, so we just present it as a recipe idea for you on top of the drink flavours covered by our kit.


Q: Which area do you deliver the kit to & how long does it take?


  • Peninsular Malaysia only
  • East Malaysia: Not available
  • Delivery within 7 working days


Q: What are the expiry dates for the ingredients?


  • 1kg Pearls - Oct 2020
  • 500g Brown Sugar -1 year
  • 75g Imported Nishio Matcha - 1 year
  • 75g Imported Hojicha - 1 year
  • 3 packs of Milklab UHT Dairy Milk (1L) - Oct 2020
  • 250g Superior Coco Powder - 31 Dec 2020


Q: How many servings can each kit make?

A: 20-25 servings per kit.


Q: Can I keep the cooked pearls for the next day?

A: We strongly recommend that you consume the cooked pearls within 5 hours to maintain freshness.


Q: How do I store the balance ingredients after use?

A: You may store the milk in the refrigerator once opened. For other ingredients, including uncooked pearls, they can be stored in airtight containers at room temperature.


Q: I don't need the full kit. Can I buy some ingredients separately?

A: Yes, you may purchase from the ala carte selections we have in the website.



Q: Do you have a minimum order for free delivery of drinks?

A: Yes, there is a minimum order of RM25 for free delivery of drinks within 5km from the selected outlet to your address.


Q: Which area do you cover?

A: Currently, our direct drink delivery is only limited to certain areas within Klang Valley.


Q: Why are some drinks not available in the delivery menu?​​​​​​​

A: Due to the delicate nature of some drinks such as smoothies, a tighter menu is provided to ensure maximum quality of our drinks during the delivery timeframe.



Q: What are the benefits of having SodaXpress PINNACLE at home?


  • Easy to use – Carbonate beverage in seconds at the touch of a button
  • Easy to clean - Thanks to the PINNACLE's removable infuser
  • Easy to operate - No batteries, electricity or plumbing required
  • Cost-efficient – Save money from buying sparkling water at stores


Q: What kind of liquid can I carbonate with the PINNACLE?

A: You can carbonate any drinks with the PINNACLE – plain cold drinking water, coffee, tea or even fruit juice!


Q: How do I carbonate water with the PINNACLE?

A: Press the carbonating button in 3 to 4 second-bursts until you hear a loud hissing sound, which indicates that your water has been fully-carbonated.


Q: How many times can I use the Carbonating Cylinder?

A: One SodaXpress Carbonating Cylinder can make up to 55-60 litres of sparkling water (using the SodaXpress 1L Carbonating Bottle included in the Starter Kit).


Q: Where can I refill the SodaXpress Carbonating Cylinder?

A: Visit www.sodaxpress.com for refill purchase (1-to-1 exchange only). For detailed FAQ: www.sodaxpress.com/pages/faq



Q: What is Tealive Just-Pour-It?

A: Tealive Just-Pour-It is a series of ready-to-drink brews that are freshly prepared daily, with no preservatives or stabilisers.


Q: How do I enjoy Tealive Just-Pour-It?

A: Tealive Just-Pour-It is best served chilled or with ice. To begin, just add your desired toppings into a cup & then pour in the bottled brew to enjoy instantly!


Q: Do I need to cook the toppings that come with the bundle(s)?

A: No, all toppings included in the Tealive Just-Pour-It bundles are already cooked. You can instantly serve it with your ready-to-drink brews.


Q: Why do I need to finish up the drinks & toppings so quickly?

A: As all drinks & toppings are prepared fresh daily without preservatives or stabilisers, it is best to consume within the stipulated duration for maximum quality & enjoyment:

  • Pearls - Same day
  • Other toppings - 5 days
  • Bottled drinks - 5 days


Q: How do I store the drinks & toppings?

A: Chill drinks & toppings in refrigerator before or after opening.