Frequently Asked Questions



1. How long will it take to ship?

My Bubble Tea Kit, My Fruit Tea Kit and Eco Series

Delivery within Peninsular Malaysia will take 3 – 10 business days and  international delivery may vary depends on selection of courier service.

This DOES NOT apply for PRE-ORDER items. It is customer's responsibility to check the status of the item upon ordering as they are stated clearly on the website if the item is under PRE-ORDER.

Delivery for East Malaysia is temporarily not available, we suggest you to proceed your order via our official Lazada store ( if you are residing in East Malaysia.

Just Pour It

Delivery will be completed within 3 business days. No tracking number will be updated in your shipment notification email as it will be delivered through on-demand delivery service.

**Only available in selected Klang Valley area.


2. What are the shipping rates?

We offer a flat rate of RM5.00 for orders above RM150.00 and RM7.00 for shipping anything else.

Orders that are being shipped to outside of Malaysia will range anywhere from RM60 – RM250. Please feel free to email us at or WhatsApp at +601137028908 if there is anything we can further assist you with.


3. How can I track my order?


We will send tracking information to the e-mail address associated with your order once the order is ready to be delivered. Please be patient if your tracking number isn’t updating or working at all as the courier takes 1-2 business days to register your shipment status.


Please reach out to us via or WhatsApp at +601137028908. We can provide you the tracking number once its available.


4. Where does Tealive Online Store ship?

My Bubble Tea Kit, My Fruit Tea Kit and Eco Series

Currently we ship locally and internationally to over 20 countries around the world including ASEAN, Asia and Europe region. For Singapore resident, please proceed to in order to place your order.

Just Pour It

Delivery limits to selected Klang Valley area. We will refund the full amount in case your location is unreachable by 3rd party logistic.


5. Are taxes and duties included in my order total?

Depending on the country some orders get charged by customs fees. Unfortunately, we are unable to determine duties and taxes as this information varies by country. Customers ordering online will be responsible for all duties, taxes and custom charges.

If your order is then refused, you will still be responsible for charges incurred in shipping the package.


6. What happens when the recipient is not available upon delivery?

When our rider arrives at the delivery location, they will allocate 20 minutes of waiting time. If the recipient is unreachable by call and is not there to receive the order in the 20 minutes time frame, the rider send the item back to us for safekeeping. In that case, a re-delivery charge of RM10 will be imposed.



Refunds, Returns & Exchanges


  • All orders are checked for defects before shipment. In the unfortunate event which you receive a defective item, please contact us within 3 days of receipt - with your order number, name, address and reason for exchange.
  • All other cases will only be eligible for a one-for-one exchange.
  • If the new piece of item is not available for exchange, you will be refunded the value of the item needed for exchange and not the full pack.
  • All replacement & exchange requests, once received by us will be sent via normal mail to buyers with postage services only.
  • We strictly do not offer any cash refund under any circumstances. For any reasons of exchange, the value will be credited to your bank account only.
  • Please email us at should you require further assistance.



Popular Questions

1. How can I change my order after it's been placed?

Since the turnaround time on packages are so fast, changing an order after it’s been placed can be tricky. Because of this, we recommend emailing us immediately at or WhatsApp at +601137028908 upon realising that something may be wrong with your order. We will always do our best to make sure you’ll get what you need. However, if orders have been processed by our warehouse team, then unfortunately, we will not be able to amend the said order.

Changes to the delivery location can be made, but a prior notice of a minimum of 24-hours is required. Therefore, this clause only applies to orders for the next day and more.

If, however, you do notify us under the 24-hours required timing, we will do our best to fulfil the change, but there are no guarantees. Do hit us up on our WhatsApp or e-mail to check with us.

In a case that we are unable to fulfil your change due to the notice being under 24-hours, the initial order and delivery date will be fulfilled, regardless.


2. Where can I pick up my order from?

We are sorry to inform that self-pickup is not available at the moment.


3. Can I get my order on the day of purchase?

Sorry, we need minimum 24-hours (excluding Public Holidays and weekends) to process your order and delivery took 3-7 working days. But if you’re looking to get something immediately, do contact us at WhatsApp at +601137028908. We will do our best to cater your needs.

4. Do you take corporate or bulk orders?

Yes, we do take bulk orders. Please contact at or WhatsApp at +601137028908 and tell us what you need, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. The minimum order quantity for bulk orders is strictly from 50 pieces and above.


5. How does the coupon code work?

All coupon codes are available for a limited time, while supplies last and cannot be used once expired. These coupon codes are not redeemable for cash and are limited to one promotion per order, and in some cases the coupon code can only be redeemed once per person in order and has its unique terms and conditions to allow fair redemption and distribution of discount codes to all of our valued customers.

Please note that excessive abuse or misuse of promotions and/or coupon codes may result in order or item cancellation.


6. Can I use multiple coupon codes at checkout?

You can use one coupon code per order. If you’ve encountered two valid coupon codes during your travels through the Internet, please choose the one you want to use more.


7. What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit & debit cards, except AMEX, all major domestic online banking and e-wallet payment (Boost, Touch N Go, GrabPay and Maybank QR Pay).


My Bubble Tea Kit

8. What are the expiry dates for the ingredients?

  • 1kg Tealive Pearls - October 2020
  • 500g Premium Brown Sugar - Within 1 year from date of arrival
  • 2 x 50g Nishio Fine Matcha - Within 1 year from date of arrival
  • 2 x 50g Japanese Hojicha - Within 1 year from date of arrival
  • 300g Superior Coco Powder - December 2020
  • 5 x 25g Dimbula Ceylon Tea Blend - October 2020
  • 1L Milklab Dairy Milk  - October 2020
  • 1L Milklab Soy  Milk  - January 2021
  • 1L Milklab Almond Milk  - January 2021
  • 1kg Golden Oats - March 2021


9. Can I keep the cooked pearls for the next day?

We strongly recommend that you consume the cooked pearls within 5 hours to maintain freshness.


10. How do I store the balance ingredients after use?

You may store the milk in the refrigerator once opened. For other ingredients, including uncooked pearls, they can be stored in airtight containers at room temperature.


11. I don't need the full kit. Can I buy some ingredients separately?

A: Yes, you may purchase from the ala carte selections we have in the website.



12. What is Tealive Just-Pour-It?

Tealive Just-Pour-It is a series of ready-to-drink brews that are freshly prepared daily, with no preservatives or stabilisers.


13. How do I enjoy Tealive Just-Pour-It?

Tealive Just-Pour-It is best served chilled or with ice. To begin, just add your desired toppings into a cup & then pour in the bottled brew to enjoy instantly!


14. Do I need to cook the toppings that come with the bundle(s)?

No, all toppings included in the Tealive Just-Pour-It bundles (where applicable) are already cooked. You can instantly serve it with your ready-to-drink brews.


15. Why do I need to finish up the drinks & toppings so quickly?

As all drinks & toppings are prepared fresh daily without preservatives or stabilisers, it is best to consume within the stipulated duration for maximum quality & enjoyment:

  • Pearls - Same day of delivery
  • Other toppings - 5 days
  • Bottled drinks (except Coffee) - 5 days
  • Coffee - 4 days


16. How do I store the drinks & toppings?

Chill drinks & toppings in refrigerator before or after opening.



17. Can I make Fruitea drinks according to the recipes without using fresh fruits?

Yes, you can! Fresh fruits are OPTIONAL in My Fruitea Kit recipes. Feel free to add your own to enhance your drinks.


18. What are the expiry dates for the ingredients?

Please consume within specified period:

  • Fruitea Syrup & Concentrates – Within 90 days from date of arrival
  • Tealive Konjac Jelly – Within 30 days upon opening


19. How do I store the ingredients?

Chill items (except tea blends) in refrigerator. Store tea blends in dry containers at room temperature.



20. What is the Eco Strawless Cup made of & is it safe to use?

The Eco Strawless Cup is safe for consumption as it's made with high-quality food-grade materials that comply with FDA standards & regulations.


21. How many times can I reuse the Eco Strawless Cup?

The recommended re-usage of the cup is up to 20 times at <90°C (refer to bottom of the cup).


22. Can I use the Eco Strawless Cup to purchase drinks at Tealive outlets?

Yes, you can!


23. How do I order if I bring my Eco Strawless Cup to purchase drinks at Tealive outlets?

At the cashier counter, inform Tearista that you want to use your Eco Strawless Cup, order your drink, hand your Eco Strawless Cup to the Tearista & pay.


24. Can I use my own reusable tumbler to purchase drinks at Tealive outlets?

Yes, you can. However, we only accept tumblers with a minimum capacity of 500ml (equivalent to a Regular-sized Tealive drink).


25. How many toppings can I add when purchasing drinks at Tealive outlet with the Eco Strawless Cup?

You may add up to 2 toppings per drink when using the Eco Strawless Cup.


26. Can I use the Eco Strawless Cup for Hot drinks?

No, we do not recommend serving Hot drinks in it as the Eco Strawless Cup is designed for best use with Cold drinks.


27. Is the Eco Strawless Cup sold at Tealive outlets?

Yes, the Eco Strawless Cup will be available in Tealive outlets nationwide (starting 1 September 2020). While stocks last.


28. Do I get a discount at Tealive if I purchase drinks with the Eco Strawless Cup?

No, as the Eco Strawless Cup’s objective is to promote sustainability instead of discount promotions. It's this very purpose that also enables Tealive to price the cup reasonably.



29. Is the Spicy Mi Boba HALAL?

Yes! The Spicy Mi Boba is  certified Halal by JAKIM, making them suitable for everyone to enjoy!


30. How do I prepare Spicy Mi Boba?

  • Open the cup lid partially
  • Pour the seasoning powder & creamer into the cup
  • Add boiling water up to the waterline marking (approx. 250ml) then stir well
  • Close the lid & simmer for 3 minutes
  • Stir well, add in boba & it is ready to serve!

*Add in ice cubes if you like it cool.


31. What is the size/weight of each Spicy Mi Boba?

Each cup of Spicy Mi Boba is 98g.


32. What is the expiry date of the Mi Boba? 

12 months from manufacturing date.


33. Can I get the Spicy Mi Boba at a Tealive outlet?

Yes, you can get Spicy Mi Boba at your nearest Tealive outlet! While stocks last.



34. What are the benefits of having SodaXpress PINNACLE at home?

  • Easy to use – Carbonate beverage in seconds at the touch of a button
  • Easy to clean - Thanks to the PINNACLE's removable infuser
  • Easy to operate - No batteries, electricity or plumbing required
  • Cost-efficient – Save money from buying sparkling water at stores


35. What kind of liquid can I carbonate with the PINNACLE?

You can carbonate any drinks with the PINNACLE – plain cold drinking water, coffee, tea or even fruit juice!


36. How do I carbonate water with the PINNACLE?

A: Press the carbonating button in 3 to 4 second-bursts until you hear a loud hissing sound, which indicates that your water has been fully-carbonated.


37. How many times can I use the Carbonating Cylinder?

A: One SodaXpress Carbonating Cylinder can make up to 55-60 litres of sparkling water (using the SodaXpress 1L Carbonating Bottle included in the Starter Kit).


38. Where can I refill the SodaXpress Carbonating Cylinder?

A: Visit for refill purchase (1-to-1 exchange only). For detailed FAQ: